How Well do You Know SAYC?

SAYC is the most commonly played bridge bidding system in the world. Routinely, two players sit down and agree to play "SAYC" without realizing what they've gotten themselves into! Many assume that SAYC is synonymous with "Standard American". In fact, Standard American is a family of systems which includes, among other variants, Goren, SARC (Standard American Rainbow Card), SAYC and older incarnations of Bridge World Standard. In fact, SAYC is a specific system designed for the ACBL in 1985 (rewritten in 1988) by bridge author Mark London.

The following ten questions will test your knowledge of SAYC basics and, in some cases, eccentricities. Be careful here; some of the answers to these questions may surprise you!

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SAYC Quiz Questions

A Note on Nomenclature

Bids in uninterrupted auctions are separated by colons, while those in contested auctions are separated by hyphens.


1C : 1D : 1H

...means that Opener rebid 1H over a 1D response with the opponents passing throughout. One the other hand:

1C - 1D - 1H

...means that Responder bid a free 1H over RHO's 1D overcall.

#1. After we overcall their 1H with 1NT in SAYC:

System is off.
System is on.
Stayman is on, Transfers are off.
None of the above.

#2. A limit raise (e.g. 1S : 3S) in SAYC shows:

3 or more trumps.
4 or more trumps.

#3. A negative double followed by a new suit below game
by Responder (e.g. 1C - 1H - Dble - Pass - 2C - Pass - 2D)
in SAYC is:


#4. After 1NT:2S in SAYC:

2NT shows superior Diamonds to Clubs.
3C by Opener is forced.

#5. A 1NT response to 1H or 1S in SAYC promises:

6-10 points. A 2-over-1 response promises 11+ points.
6-9 points. A 2-over-1 response promises 10+ points.

#6. 1S : 2H : 3H in SAYC is:


#7. Opposite a 3NT opening (25-27 points, flat) 4C in SAYC is:


#8. 2NT in the balancing seat
(e.g. 1H - Pass - Pass - 2NT) in SAYC promises:

The minors.
18-20 HCPs, balanced.
19-21 HCPs, balanced.
20-22 HCPs, balanced.

#9. A cuebid in the balancing seat
(e.g. 1H - Pass - Pass - 2H) in SAYC is:

Strong takeout. Ideally, 4-4-4-1 short in their suit.
Strong takeout, void in their suit.
Michaels (Spades and a minor).

#10. Opposite Partner's takeout double 1NT
(e.g. 1H - Dble - Pass - 1NT) by Advancer in SAYC shows:

6-10 HCPs.
8-10 HCPs.


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