The Margaret Ann Griffiths Poetry Tribute

_____ On July 13th, 2009 the online poetry workshopping community suffered a devastating loss with the sudden death of Margaret Ann Griffiths (aka "Maz" or "Grasshopper"). The characteristically shy and modest Maz would not have approved but some of her fans--of which she had many--insist that she was the greatest poet of our time. Here are some of the tributes to this legendary poet, critic and editor: _____ To honor her life and work we here at the Firesides are organizing an informal contest. We'd like to thank Roger Collett of Arrowhead Press for permission to use Margaret's work for these purposes. Please note that neither Mr. Collett nor Arrowhead Press is affiliated with this initiative.

_____ Many Maz poems can be found here, along with the shocking news of her demise and the inspirational story of the "Grasshopper: The Poetry of M A Griffiths" publication project.

_____ If you wish to enter but lack the equipment or technical savvy to create videos please contact us (below) and we'll see if we can partner you with someone who does.

_____Please help us spread the news of this tribute. If there is sufficient interest this could become an annual event.

_____ Conditions of contest:
  • Create a video based on one of Margaret's poems (example video here) or a poem of your own that honors Maz (example video here).
  • Post your video to YouTube, prefacing your title with "Grasshopper: The Poetry of M A Griffiths" (so that we can find it via a YouTube listing).
  • Mention this URL or contest in your Description section (so that YouTubers will know what's up).
  • If you are a student under 25 years of age please include the word "student" in your YouTube Description section.
_____ That is all that entants need to do. Here are the rest of the contest details:
  • Any YouTube video visible to our judges can qualify: montages, collages, dramatizations, slide shows, camcorded recitations, etc.
  • Note that using copyrighted sound and image files can prevent our judges from seeing your video on YouTube.
  • Open to anyone other than Fireside staffers and contest judges.
  • No entry fee.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Judges TBA.
  • Prizes TBA.
  • A maximum of two entries per household.
  • Winners will be contacted through YouTube and announced here.
  • Contest ends on Margaret's birthday, May 23rd of this year.


Would you like someone to help you compose a video?
Would you like to volunteer to help entrants create videos?
Would you like to volunteer to serve as a judge?
Would you like to contibute to the prize fund?
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